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I created this site for parents and teens dealing with often difficult issues involving sexuality and gender identification. You will find a variety of links and articles here written by a number of authors, including myself. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please visit the "About Me" page for contact information. 

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The Lighter Side of Being Gay

Need a break from your problems? Visit Adventures in Gay for a PG-rated laugh.

On Transgender Kids

"When you work with these kids, you see that they're not making a decision. They have always known. The sense of who one is - boy or girl - is a crucial existential aspect of humanity. It is powerful and inborn. The absence or presence of a penis is incidental. The most important sex organ is the brain."

John Reiner MD, John Hopkins University

The Trevor Project - Don't suffer in silence

Questioning & Gay Teen Suicide Hotline: 1-866-4-U-TREVOR  You are worth more to the world than you think...

Trans Lifeline

If you're transgender and struggling, reach out to Trans Lifeline for support. 877-565-8860

US National Suicide Hotline - 1-800-273-8255


Dave Moffatt, age 14
Lyrics from the hidden 13th track from The Moffatts' 1999 CD "Chapter One - New Beginnings"

There's no windows in this place
for me to show my weary face.
Rage I hold within my soul
at times I cannot control.

What's the point of me being here
when being me is what I fear.
Every day it's all the same
trapped again in my own pain.

I cry myself to sleep
so many secrets I must keep.
No one to reach me...nobody cares.
Trapped in the middle of a distant stare.

I've prayed that I was free
of this grief that's filling me.
Everywhere I turn
every bridge must burn.

There's no windows in this place
for me to show my weary face.

(A few years after the CD was released, Dave came out as gay to his parents and was rejected by his father. They didn't speak for several years. Now in his 30's, Dave is active in the Toronto, Canada gay community and is continuing to pursue a musical career. He and his father are speaking again.)


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